Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Finders keepers

Guess who found an Alexander Hamilton in the bushes while she was walking the dog!


It made me think about what else we have found.
Kartwright found some Oakleys in the ocean a few years back, and they weren’t even all that scratched up. I blogged about it here.
Haven found a really nice DSLR camera case on the road when she was riding her bike a few weeks ago. We let it hang on the mailbox a few days, but no one claimed it.
My brother-in-law once found a diamond ring when he was in high school!
Michael tells a story about finding musket balls from the civil war when he was a boy, and lived in Atlanta, when they were building an addition to the Piedmont Hospital. I think my boys found some old civil war stuff on the site of Habersham in Beaufort SC when they were boys too.
Have you ever found anything fun?

4 more miles for me, for a total of 6, 94 more to go :)


Melissa said...

I found 20.00 in the mall a few years back. Brian also found a pair of Oakleys! Can't remember where though. The best find...a Pentax camera. It was left behind at a place Brian was working and never claimed. We LOVED that very fancy camera!!! Unfortunately, I dropped it while the lens was out and it never worked again. But we got about 10 years out of it.

Anonymous said...

Our family found a camera in the ocean in hawaii and the photos in it were 30 years old and somehow many still developed. Other than that my "great finds" are relegated to flea markets.

jenna brown said...

My mom recently (or maybe not so recently, I can't really remember) did a story on a construction worker who was helping to re-do the roads. He found a class ring from LaGrange College that was from the 60's. He took it to the college and they traced the initials and gave it back to the lady who had lost it 20 years earlier! Crazy!

Unfortunately the only thing I ever find on the streets is trash.