Sunday, April 15, 2012

Field day, home style

Friday was field day for our home school group.  It was our first field day with our new home town. I couldn’t help but notice some peculiarities in this group, differences one might not experience in some Field days.


The parents and former students (older siblings) planned, organized, and directed the days events with a smile.


They also cheered the students on regardless of how well they did.


The children also cheered one another, and genuinely wanted each other to do well.


Boys of all shapes, sizes and colors waited patiently for their turns.


There were lots of smiling baby wearing moms.


Pretty girls in pretty pillow cases lined up for fun.


Young children helped even younger children have fun.


There was healthy competition were there were clear winners, and other competitions were just for fun.


There was only one poor sad girl(doesn't she look sad?) in the 11-12 year old group, but she didn’t seem to mind, and she beat all the boys in the jump rope, and the golf ball putting contests!


There were lots of 7-8 year old girls, but they didn’t seem to mind waiting for their turn.


Sisters held hands after a long hard day full of lots of fun!


Melissa said...

Fun, fun, fun! This post encouraged me this morning. We can't wait to start our "official" first year of homeschool this fall. Smiles all around!!!

SweetCaroline said...

How fun! The girls are so grown up. it's crazy!

Mary said...

Super fun, reminds me of my childhood days.

Mary said...

Sweet out-of-doors day. So fun to remember.