Wednesday, April 25, 2012

biking memories

One of my favorite ways to add miles to my April goal has been to bike around this pretty Island. It is really peaceful when I am alone, and when the girls come it is fun to explore new trails, but when Daddy comes it is really fun, because he already knows all the best places to go.

This golf hole is a peninsula, and just made for a great evening resting place after a good ride.

The views were incredible from every vantage point. God's handiwork is so amazing.

I love that my girls are getting to experience this.

We ran into some really cute bunnies on our way back to the bikes too. The wildlife is unbelievably tame around the golf course!

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Danielle said...

Cute bunnies:-)

We love biking. We go to rails to trails where old train tracks were turned into bike trails! Getting there is hard... packing 7 bikes!... but time well spent!