Wednesday, November 3, 2010

An Attitude of Gratitude

At our church we have started a new Wednesday night study on spiritual gifts. Before we started tonight I was chatting with my Pastor. He was kidding me about why I was there, and remarked, "You already know your spiritual gifts, don't ya Amy?" "Yes"  I replied, "I was hoping to trade mine in for a new one." He laughed, and replied with a hearty laugh, "OHHHHH, we must accept our gifts with an attitude of gratitude."
You see, I believe my spiritual gift, or perhaps one of them, is the gift of exhortation. I'm not sure sometimes if it is a gift, or a curse. Sometimes my gift can occasionally make one less than popular. I am just kidding of course... sorta. Anyway, Pastor Greg's comment reminded me of my posts three years ago (WOW, was it really that long ago?) in November, on Thankfulness.
I spent that November posting everyday about things I was thankful for, and I invited anyone reading, to join in the Thankful game. It was a great exercise to remind me of all I had to be grateful for, and I so enjoyed every ones participation. I know I am three days late getting started, but lets do it again, and lets exhibit an

 Attitude of Gratitude.

Today I am grateful for....

A loving husband who works hard everyday in an unfulfilling job, to provide for his family, and never ever complains about it.

A six year old daughter that can't sit still to save her life, and drew pictures of Halloween in church tonight, and played games on my Pastor's phone... No, I"m not even kidding!

All of Kartwright's teen friends that put up with said six year old, and are so very kind that she really thinks they are actually her friends, and not her brothers.

My oldest son Dakota and his family only living an hour away, so we get to see them often.

Eating breakfast as a family, and praying together

My new church family


giant curly cheese puffs that make everyones mouth orange

commentors :)

What are you grateful for today?


thehomespunheart said...

* a self-cleaning oven
* my sister and I both being home with our littles and able to talk during the quiet nap hours
* God's Word - His peace
* little feet and hands
* BIG trust of little ones
* going to Colorado for Christmas
* my friend, Amy! :)

Anonymous said...

God's grace, my fam, His provision! Great game, love it, gratitude can change our life <3!

Danielle said...

Can it really be that long ago?!?!? I would have said you did your Thankful posts last year ;-)

*chocolate chip pancakes smeared all over little hands and faces

*a basket of apples awaiting apple bread

*a rainy day excuse to stay home and bake

*a mountain of laundry and dishes to remind me we are well provided for

*a pile of school books that show progress... slow, but steady