Tuesday, November 16, 2010

baby chicks


About 8 weeks ago we acquired 8 of these sweet fluffy creatures. They are Haven's project, and can I just say that she has been a very good Chicky raiser. For four days they lived in our downstairs bathtub! For four more weeks they lived in a big fridge box, and for two more weeks they lived in the box in one of our out buildings. Their living quarters temperatures were closely monitored, they were fed just the right feed, and their water bowl was meticulously changed countless times. They even had to have wood chips and sand to walk on, something about sore feet or something. I now know more then any city folk  should lawfully know about the care of poultry, and no, we will not be eating these girls, they are strictly supplying eggs for their supper, hopefully. Now they are comfortably living in their very own hen house.

I will introduce you soon to what they presently look like, and share with you the place they call home, that my sweet husband built. We affectionately call it the

                             taj mahcoop.

           I trust that will soon make sense to you:).


Are you showing an attitude of gratitude this day? Please share with us all!
Today I am grateful for:

chickens, crazy as they are!
46 years on this earth today, yeah!!!
humming birds, aren't they the coolest little birds!
being called Momma by my children, who would have thought this Yankee girl would have been called Momma? I just love it! Now I am also a Grandmomma :)
silverware, some of our new Korean friends brought me back some beautiful chop sticks, and as fabulous as they are, I am still partial to silver ware, so a shout out to whoever invented that!

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Lisar said...

Wishing you a Happy, Happy Birthday Amy...and thoughts of you too on your Crockett's Birthday which I also think is tomorrow??? I hope I've got this correct...anyway, thoughts and prayers to you on your special day.

Blessings, Lisa

Summer Weston said...

Happy Birthday Amy!!!

SweetCaroline said...

Happy Birthday Mrs. Amy! Hope you have had a wonderful day.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Dear Amy!! I hope your celebration has been a precious one.
I knew H would do well with the chicks, she is a natural nurturer.
I am thankful that for today i do not have to leave my home.
I am thankful my children are here with me.
I am thankful my husband will be home right after work.
I am especially thankful that thru all the hard stuff that life is, God has made a way for us to know and be comforted by Him thru Jesus. HE made the way. Amazing. More amazing still HE calls us His children. I am so thankful and cling to the hope we have only in and thru HIM. <3t