Friday, November 5, 2010

She's now in the watcher group

So, yesterday I dropped Haven off to babysit for the first time. She was asked by our local women's shelter to watch the small children of some women meeting there for a luncheon/meeting about the ministry. She and another young girl together sat for nine children under four years old, and according to the director, they did Fan-tas-tic :). While I drove there with my little eleven year old, it occurred to me that it was the beginning of a new chapter of her life. No longer was she the watched, but she had moved into the watcher group. She was excited to be so grown up, and to be in charge. I was a little sad to see her get out of the car, and walk in to the building without me, to do a job. I was sad, but proud. I knew she would do great. We had prayed that she would shine for Jesus, and I knew she would. Still, my little girl was growing up, and she was one step closer to moving on. Two hours later I picked up a very happy young lady. She was bubbling over with excitement and energy. She told me all about the cute children, and each of their personalities. "The baby was just so cute Momma" she swooned, on and on she chatted, about all that had transpired. Haven is a born Momma, she loves children, and I pray one day the Lord will grant her prayer to have several children.

One time, about two years ago, she and I were watching TV, and a commercial with an elderly woman came on. I asked Haven then, in a rather whiny voice, "Haven are you going to take care of me when I get old and decrepit?". "NO", she quickly retorted, "How am I going to take care of you, when I"ll have 16 kids of my own to take care of?". HaHa , I laughed so hard.  More power to ya girlfriend, If anyone could handle 16 children, it's my girl Haven, and I wouldn't be a bit surprised if the Lord blessed her that way.

Please join me in my attitude of gratitude today, won't you?

Today I am grateful for:

An early birthday present from my sweet husband, a new laptop, so now maybe you will see some pictures on my blog again soon.

Friends who invite me to lunch

pumpkin scented candles that make the house smell like November

toilet paper (we're almost out!)

A God who never changes, is always the same, no matter how I might, he never does. 

What are you grateful for today?


thehomespunheart said...

* Sipping a chai tea latte in my jammies, under the cozy covers, visiting friends via my laptop! :)

* Our heat coming on for the first time this season - cooler air makes me happy!

* crafting for Thanksgiving

* a pretty mug

* peace

* three sleeping babes

* Friday

* weekend plans with a friend including pulling off a huge yard sale!

Anonymous said...

God's word, a husband who chops wood, hot drinks, and great books, friends who encourage gratitude :-)!