Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Hoss, Ben, or little Joe?

This kid went to a costume party recently, and his nerdy Momma took the opportunity to snap a few pics of him all decked out as his favorite movie star John, the coolest dude in the west, Wayne. Kartwright thoroughly enjoys a good western, and looks so comfortable in this getup. He was totally born in the wrong era, and for the record girls, he plans to name his first two sons Duke and Cash someday, so if that doesn't suit, well, what can I say? I guess there was something prophetic about his own name!

This handsome dude recently turned 18, and has made the teenage years seem, well, not at all what everyone said they would be. I can't say enough about what a great guy he is, and although I know I am partial, they just don"t make 'em any better. I hate that he is 18, I mean really hate it, cuz that means he will soon be gone, and I can not bear the thought of not having this smiling grin around everyday! Kartwright has made us laugh from the very beginning. He had an undeniable part in helping our family cope with Crockett's diagnosis when he himself was only three years old, cope with his illness for 12 1/2 years, and then heal after Crockett's home going, all with the gift of laughter. Kartwright has a close relationship with his Lord and Savior, and seeks to please him in the choices he makes, and in his plans for the future.  He loves his siblings, and shows his sisters everyday with both physical and emotional affection. They both adore him, and worship the ground he walks on....well, almost. We are known around these parts, as Kartwright's parents, and often hear from people he meets about what a fine young man we have. People like to be around him, he easily makes friends, and is one of the most loyal people i know. He disciplines himself to work hard everyday in his school work, to buffet his body with exercise, and to spend time in the word. I could go on and on, but I already have.  I genuinely enjoy his company, and am prouder then I can possibly express here.

Thank you Lord for the gift that is Kartwright, and thank you son for all the joy that you bring me, and all those around you!

Lets have an attitude of gratitude today

I am grateful for


Grocery lists, to do lists, Christmas lists, thanksgiving meal lists, what would we do without lists?

lunch dates

netflix watch instantly, so easy, have you heard? no more forgetting to send those pesky dvds back.

The book Radical, read at your own risk, only if you want to be changed radically.

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SweetCaroline said...

Time flies doesn't it? I'm so happy to hear that he has used his teenage years well. He is staying in the word unlike most of the teens today and seems to be agood role model of what a young man should grow up to be. ya'll have done a great job as parents! Tell him hey for me! Miss you guys!

thehomespunheart said...

* Stay at home days
* Friends at the touch of my fingertips on keyboards
* Home
* Thanksgiving ideas waiting to be crafted

The Hardwick Family said...

He is so handsome! We always say Hunter was born in the wrong era too:-)Love the pictures.

Anonymous said...

K is a great guy. We are so thankful to have benifitted from some of that easy friendly way of his :-)! Also today very thankful for my husband and that after a nasty car crash yesterday that totaled his car, that he came home to his family! It could have been so much worse. Praise GOD for HIS protection.

Danielle said...

Great photos! What a great testimony of what God can do!

Lets see...
flushable toilets
toilet paper
busy toddlers
rubber gloves

I should explain: one of my busy littles filled the toilet with a whole roll of toilet paper:-)hehe!

char said...


Thankful for 1 1/2 more years (Z, husband, kids, friends, God's refining of my character.

He is almost the handsomest teenage boy I have ever seen:)

Love you