Sunday, November 7, 2010

Fancy Nancy is a star

For Halloween the girls were the Nancy Sisters. Haven was Nancy Drew, and ElizaJane was Fancy Nancy. I know some of you may be offended at Halloween, and not agree with our participation. Can I just say, that there are several things about this Autumnal celebration that I hate. I hate the origin, I hate the gory costumes, and I hate the evil decorations, I hate the yucky of October 31st. One thing I do not hate however, is the fun it is for kids to dress up as someone or something, and express their creativity together with several other children, and then go door to door gathering free candy! I think it is a very complicated issue, and I don't look down on those who choose not to participate, I have listened to, and understand both sides of the debate. I can say this however, it has given us a wonderful forum to discuss with first our boys, and now our girls, how we are in the world, but not of the world. We can shine for Jesus, devoid of blood running down our faces, and horrifying masks, in the midst of the worlds evil, without being part of the evil. 

This year we went to our small towns downtown square, and took in all the festivities. ElizaJane begged to be a part of the costume contest, so right there on the spot, I relented. Here she is curtsying to the judges as she was introduced, a born performer.

She made it to the top ten out of 66 entrants in the 4 to 7 year old category. I was amazed. I must have warned her a million times that she probably wouldn't win out of all those children, in hopes of softening the blow of defeat. She would have none of that negative talk, and was convinced that that shiny trophy would soon be hers.

And she was right! One of two winners out of 66!

Most creative costume, 2010. I was very proud of my little Fancy Nancy.

Have you joined in the attitude of gratitude with us yet this month?

Today I am grateful for,

A Halloween to remember with my whole family

A church where I can feel the Holy Spirit moving

The book of Hosea, what a wonderful picture of Gods redemption, read it today!

That thanksgiving is coming, and I couldn't be more thankful for what the Lord is doing.

My washing machine and Dryer, thank you Lord!

What are you grateful for, please do share with us all!

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Anonymous said...

Your girls are SO adorable! I am thankful for coffee and tea! I am thankful for chocolate. I am thankful for a girl :-) who gives good neck rubs!

Dakota Asnip said...

Sis was by far the cutest kid in the contest. And I would just like to say that someone (clearing of the throat) took great pics of his sis winning the gold! no thanks needed :)

I'm thankful for my Girls, thankful for my house, thankful for a car that starts every time I crank it. And thankful for God some how allowing me to provide food on the table for my family Every DAY!! Thank you LORD