Monday, April 30, 2012

Quick trip full of fun


This past weekend we made a quick trip to Charleston South Carolina, our former stomping grounds, to see these two beautiful people tie the knot.

While in Charleston we took in some of the cities history at the slave market. This lady is one of many that sit near roadside and make really fantastic sweet grass baskets. The art form goes way back to slave trade days, and today they make very expensive sought after souvenirs for Charlestons visitors.

We also had the privilege of meeting this little chub while we were there as well. He is our latest nephew, Watson .

Michael actually controlled himself, and did not throw him in the air. I could tell he really wanted to, but refrained, to save Watson's new Momma from sure heart failure! I was proud of my man's extreme self control!
Watson LOVED Haven, just as babies always do!

He was VERY about this frozen teething ring, just couldn't get enough of it! So cute!

So it was a quick trip up the road on Saturday to enjoy the nuptials, a bit of play time on Sunday, and then the trip back home to our pretty Island Sunday evening. It was a fantastic trip full of family, fun, and lots of memory making, but we were all glad to be Home Sweet Home.
Funny how no matter where you are, Home is were you want to end up.

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Anonymous said...

I am so thankful yall had a great trip!! In the past few weeks my girls will see a lady here or there and say hey momma, she reminds me of miss amy!!!! We miss you~ <3 t