Friday, January 4, 2008

Everyone has to take down their Christmas tree, Christmas time is over

Well, they are all packed away, and ready to be discovered again next year. ElizaJane was sad, it had not even occurred to her that the Christmas tree wasn't staying forever. She eventually jumped right in to help though, after being assured that.... "yes, everyone must take down their tree Eliza, Christmas time is over.".... It reminded me of the childhood memory I have of the house down the street. They left their tree up for months! it would stand in their front window all lit up far into February. It was a scary yard, all overgrown and unkempt. They had beagles in the back yard in a pen up off the ground that always barked when I walked by on my way to and from school. I never saw anyone there, but I always quickened my step. It was strangely out of place on our street of Midwestern ranch style homes painted fresh colors with nicely mowed lawns, and freshly clipped bushes in the spring and summer, or smooth white snow covered yards with recently shoveled driveways. I wonder now what the story was of the Grabbels house, even their name was frightening. I wonder now if they were hurting or lonely, and not merely untidy and strange as I thought back then, or perhaps they were the artistic eccentric types, or maybe they just didn't know, that .......Everyone must take down their tree, because Christmas time is over.

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