Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Trash to treasure

Well after being inspired by several blogger "friends" to check out Goodwill, I am now officially hooked. As I have mentioned previously, we have recently moved to the wonderful city of Charleston, so there is a lot to discover and experience. There are also 2 rather large Goodwill shops relatively close to our new home. One day last week Michael had a business meeting near my parents house in a not so nearby town and they very graciously offered to entertain ElizaJane and Crockett. Sooooo, after school that day my 2 middle children and I set out for the good ol GW. I didn't mention to my teen that that was our destination as I was afraid he would not appreciate the grandness of this adventure. Much to my surprise, they were overwhelmed with the excitement of our newly discovered treasure trove of previously owned brickabrack?!?! Well, I kinda got caught up in their childish revelry, and an hour and a half later we had accumulated two large bags of ....well,......dare I say it..... junk! I found these 4 cute wooden shelves that I hope to transform into virtual works of artistry and wonderment that will no doubt bring about nothing less then absolute glee to my 8 year old American girl collector. She found this "Dorothy" basket that she could apparently Not live without, and since that is her middle name, how could I say no?

I also found these cheesy Ukranianesk over sized utensils???? Are they so ugly that they are cool? Or.....are they just plain ugly??? well, stay tuned, and perhaps you will see them transformed into something.... well, something less Ukrainianesk.

Lastly, I discovered this so cool metal basket.... is there any doubt that this is cool?... I actually like it just the way it is, but if you know me at all, well, lets just say it will have to go through a little transformation if it wants to stick around, because I can never let well enough alone, because, well,... I never think it's, well... enough. sooooo stay tuned and see if any of these things make the cut, or go right back where they came from.


carrie said...

those are some cool finds!

And I also wanted to say thanks for the comment on my blog! It's good to know someone's out there looking to make cashiers smile. I know a few who could use your game.

thehomespunheart said...

Ooh - very neat finds! You know how I love thrift stores and things often get transformed before I allow them in my home too!

Have fun with the transforming - I think that is the best part!