Thursday, January 24, 2008

Just Depending

This girl will nap anywhere! No, she wasn't really sleeping she said, just "depending", translation pretending. Isn't three wonderful? ya gotta love the wonder three brings, everything is so new and exciting, and they just soak in every drop of interesting goodness that they can wrap their little heads around. I love to hear her try out new words and phrases that she hears others say, well, I don't always love it, but usually it is fun to hear her discover and apply new knowledge.

We have words, and phrases that our whole family has held on to from the children's toddler days. They become new words for us that we don't even always remember are wrong. Does anyone else out there do that? For instance, we all call the restaurant Cracker Barrel, Crackle Barrel. We have done it so long that the real name doesn't sound right anymore. Magazines are sometimes referred to as mazagines, Parmesan cheese is shake cheese, etc... who knows, maybe we will all be depending one day.

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