Friday, January 25, 2008

ipod love

Okay, so i am officially the last person on planet earth to clue into the whole ipod wonderfulness I know, but can I just say wow how great is THAT!?!? I thought I would enjoy it, you know kinda, get to pick my own tunes, maybe an occasional walk, or use at the pool so I don't bother anyone else...... UM No! it is truly fantabulishess! I have discovered the world of pod casts, and they have revolutionized my state of mind, music ?oh maybe sometimes, but I can now be uplifted, set straight, admonished, challenged, encouraged, educated, all with the click of the keyboard and a 50 minute walk each morning! So in the deal, I also get exercise! it's all good! I am listening to Nancy Leigh Demoss(my fav), Chip Ingrim, and they even have the daily bible on there(I'm trying that today)! The possibilities are astounding.

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thehomespunheart said...

You're not the last - I'm clueless when it comes to Ipod's! Glad you are enjoying it! :)