Monday, January 7, 2008

making art

Michael and the "big boys" and Girly girl went golfing on Saturday. So the littlest girly girl and Crockie and I hung out at home. Instead of all the millions of things i could have, or should have been doing, I made this. It's not done yet. I'm having trouble imagining the faces. I was inspired by this months cloth paper scissors. There was a tutorial by Kelly Rae Roberts. I really liked her work and have been itching to do some collage. It really felt good to get artsy again.
Back to the home school grind again. Just kidding. I really love the routine. My least favorite part, is the waking of the students, It goes against every fiber of my being. Hate to wake people up. It feels soooo rude. Well, off to be rude.
I did not post this at 3:57 am. Can someone tell me how to change this time? it is now 7:08!


Mette said...

I like it, Amy. Great colours! Do they need faces....?!

thehomespunheart said...

Amy - I love this! I love them without faces - just a thought.

To change the time on your post:
when in the create or edit post screen click on Post Options near the bottom and it will show you the post date and time. You can change them from there.

Hope that helps!

Ravenhill said...

what a gorgeous peice! I really love this and I don't think they need faces.