Wednesday, January 9, 2008

The garage is like the plague

Can you believe how beautiful our poinsettias are still on January ninth? it must be my fabulous green thumb right? Think again! My husband and I bought two of these the first week in December. they were absolutely gorgeous, and I planned to put them on the front porch on either side of our front door along with this.

Well, not the girls, just the stone creche. But, when I returned home that evening I dropped the flowers off in the Garage, with plans to put them out in the forward to two weeks later and my husband and I remembered them. We felt sheepish and wrote them off as most likely shriveled up and dead...... fast forward to last night. Michael(MDH) was in the garage looking for something for my Dad and found these beauties!!!! Wow, we were astounded. I knew that poinsettias liked the dark, and I guess I knew that they liked the cold, but I did not know that they could go that long without any nourishment. Now that they are under my care, they will be dead by tomorrow morning. LOL.... By the way, we just moved in November, and all the extra stuff is in the garage....My husband and I are avoiding it like the plague!

Have a spirit filled day!!!!, and remember to smile.

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