Monday, June 6, 2011

Happy Birthday Haven

Michael had the privilege of baptising his little girl on her twelfth birthday Sunday.

It was a sweet sight.
 There is something so very wonderful about watching the love of your life baptise out of obedience to your Lord, one of the biggest blessings that very same Lord has given you, with many of the other blessings He has given watching on also.

I think it was wonderful for them as well.

Happy Birthday sweet Haven Dorothy!
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Lisar said...

Happy Birthday and God's Richest Blessing to you Haven...especially on this huge step to continuing to walk in obedience to the Lord...What a wonderful day for your whole family....

Anonymous said...

Happy Belated Birthday sweet Haven!
How precious the day must have been, Praise God.
<3 t

Katie said...

That was so sweet yesterday! My daddy baptized me, so to see Michael baptize Haven brought back a sweet memory and a few tears to my eyes.

Danielle said...

That is sooo neat that the dad gets to do the baptizing!

Grace at Home said...

Congratulations, Haven! You are certainly growing up and becoming more and more beautiful!