Thursday, June 9, 2011

The hardest part

We have lived in a lot of beautiful places. We have spent almost all of the first twenty three years of our marriage in various towns on the coast of the Carolina's. When we moved inland to Georgia almost two years ago, we traded the colorful sunset horizons of the Ocean, for the untainted loveliness of West Point Lake. The marsh covered flat lands of the low country were replaced by rolling pastures of cattle covered farm land. Straight tall Palmetto trees, and bending moss covered Live Oak trees, were now sky high magnolias and sweet smelling cedars.
In spite of the differences in our surroundings, it was the people that we really found to be the real surprise in our new lives here, and it will be the people that we miss most now that we are gone.

Sweet friends have been what has made this place home, and sweet friends are what makes leaving so hard. Meaningful relationships have made our short stay here have purpose. This kind friend Tammy, has been a kindred spirit, and has been an encouragement to me in so many ways. Our busyness, and the 45 minute distance, has kept us from spending as much time together as I would have liked, but I have a feeling we will be staying in touch for many years to come.

Her daughters have been just as encouraging to my girls, and their boys to my Eliza and Kartwright, and their Daddy to my better half. I love this family, and they will be missed.

Then there have been these two lovelies, that from the very beginning have stolen the hearts of our whole family. We first met them at a church fellowship, and later they followed us around the church grounds every Sunday. We cheered for the cougars together, watched them perform in school functions, and celebrated birthdays together. they too have been a wonderful encouragement and example to my girls, and likewise to me.

I have been so blessed by the teen girls in this community who have given time and attention to my girls. They are such great examples of young ladies, and I will so miss them all.

For Kartwright there have been both Kevins, Drew and Boyd, Nathan and Trip and Matt and Devon, and several others.

There have been so many that made our short stay here a sweet memory. The Tuesday morning ladies, the graduates mommas, Lucy and Amy, Anne and Kindra and Yashika, and so many more. Some were just a kind face once a week, like Mrs. Barbara, others were ministry partners, like Deborah. Each one has had a part in teaching us community, helping us grieve, and encouraging our walk.

This couple has taught Michael and I much as well. Greg and Sherri are both so very different then us in personality, and even in interests, and yet so very much like us in their love for the Lord, and God's people. I expect also that they will remain life long friends.

And these people, they are the hardest to say good-bye to. It has been such a blessing to be close enough to get together often with our oldest son and his beautiful family. I have so enjoyed our times together, and wish now that there had been even more. Though we just saw one another this past Sunday, being miles apart makes me miss them more. I will continue to pray that they will soon live close to us again.

So, from our family to yours my sweet Georgia people, we love you, and miss you already. Thank you for making Georgia such a nice memory.


Lisar said...

Blessings to you and the family Amy as you start a new journey. May God Bless you all with wonderful new friendships in your new state. I am sure you and your family will be a Blessing to those whome you come into contact with.

Anonymous said...

Wishing you a safe journey. Thankfully the internet lets us stay in touch with our friends and family, even if we'd rather be in their presence.

Anonymous said...

Dear Amy,

You my friend were and are the blessing in so many of our Georgia lives! I will miss you awful bad. I love you precious sister in Jesus. May He bless you and bring new and beautiful fellowship into each of your lives. You know where i live ;-), you all are welcomed here ANYTIME! <3 t

jenna brown said...

I've loved getting to know ya'll over the past year. Ya'll are such a great family and I love you all! Already missing you... You have to visit often! :)

Anonymous said...

Many people come in and out of our lives. Few leave as deep an impression as your family. Your time here was too short! We miss you all already. -sherri