Wednesday, June 22, 2011

He's leaving on a jet plane

The kids and I drove back to Georgia yesterday, to send this guy halfway around the world tomorrow. Yep, he's leaving on a jet plane that will take him to the uttermost, and drop him off.

This momma has done this before, and it ain't ever easy, but I know he is in the Lord's hands, and he is ready.


Even as I write this, I can hear him praising his Lord with song.
"with thanksgiving, I'll be a living, sanctuary, for you" he sings.
Nothing sweeter to this Momma's ears, then to hear her children praise God, folks this is what it's all about!
Please pray for my boy Kartwright while he is in the Ukraine ministering to a country hungry for truth.

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Danielle said...

I went to Romania at about his age. What a great experience!

SweetCaroline said...

Will be praying for him! that's so exciting! I'm going to china in a little less then three weeks, so if ya'll could pray for us as well, that would be awesome. :)

The Hardwick Family said...

We will be praying!!!! He is just so handsome, I love his smile:) I know it has to be hard. Hunter talks about the mission field everyday now. Some days, I am so proud of him and others I just want to stop the clock:) You are so right though, This is what it is all about!! Praying for him, people he shares with, and your sweet family!

Melanie said...

4 weeks ago I left my family in CO to come as a full-time missionary to Uganda. I could see how hard it was for them by the strained voices and damp cheeks, and I won't say it wasn't hard for me as well. Being here and knowing that this is exactly where God wants me is the greatest consolation for me, and I know for them too; though I know it is always more difficult for those left behind. May God bless you for being willing to send your son out to do the Lord's work!