Thursday, June 16, 2011

I bet you thought I was busy moving

Yeah, when you thought I was hard at the work of unpacking boxes, and setting up a new living space, I was really just enjoying the lush surroundings of a beautiful tropical paradise.

No, I am not on vacation.

Because our house back in Georgia has not yet sold (that was a shameless plug for a few prayers on the house selling front), we have moved into a nice furnished villa. Therefore, "moving in" consisted of hanging our summer clothes in the closets, and carrying in a few boxes of each of our "necessities", admittedly the easiest move we've ever made.

So, while I would have LOVED to have been setting up my very own space, and not my temporary one, I was not complaining while we enjoyed this.

Or this,

or, while gazing at these, while basking in the sun at the pool.

I know, you feel so sorry for me don't you??
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Anonymous said...

What a terrible existence. I can tell you are miserable and depressed with such horrible views. =0)

Danielle said...

Wow! That looks like a beautiful place!!! I was trying to guess... can't be the south because hubby would have been home more often... must be west coast... Guessing California, here we come?!?! You don't have to tell... 'cause there are axe murderers out there:0) You don't even need to post this:0) ENJOY!

Sarah Belle said...

You poor thing!! I know misery loves company, i'll be right there to dutifully share this burden ;-)!!! <3 t