Wednesday, June 29, 2011

She and I had a misunderstanding

She and I had a misunderstanding,
She was angry, and I was hurt.
We both longed to make things right. 
The relationship was important enough to both of us, to make things right.

In order for us to come together, we both had to come half way.

In order to understand each other, we had to listen,
and then, we had to see things from the others point of view.

We had to keep try to keep our emotions in check, her anger, and my tears.

We had to be honest, and share uncomfortable truth.

We had to believe, and forgive,

and I am so glad we did!

Who do you need to go halfway to?
If you venture out, maybe she will surprise you, and you can meet in the middle.

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momof3girls said...

right now, I think I am living in peace with everyone that comes to mind. However being a female that could change in a few weeks. I love your advice about trying to keep our emotions intact (always a challenge!) and I loved how you tagged this post "intentional living" that is what I want my life to be! Not reactive to life's circumstances based on my emotions. Great post!