Saturday, June 21, 2008

God met my Dad in a special way on Wednesday, and I can very happily report that he is home, and doing fine. They were not able to do all three stents, as there was a complication during the procedure of the distal vessel. They will attempt to finish the remaining two in a few weeks.
Because of the complication, my Dad experienced an extreme amount of pain. it was very hard to see my Dad like that.
-I was reminded that God is always working on us, growing us, stretching us. We can not retire from his teaching when we are his children
-I was reminded, as my family worked together to get through the circumstances, that we have all been equipped differently, for different purposes.
-I was reminded that God has taught me to cry out to Him first in times of distress.
-I was reminded that God is truly in control.
-I was reminded just how much I love both of my Fathers, and how much they both love me.