Monday, June 30, 2008

See ya later Uncle Bill

Michael's brother Bill (on the far left) has been staying in our guest house for 2 weeks, as he works on getting his teaching certificate. It has been great fun to have him around, and we were all a little sad to see him go. We only were able to see him during dinner, as he was either in class or busy writing papers, but it was fun to reminisce, and get reacquainted.

It was especially fun to see him interact with our children. The kids loved to hear stories about their Daddy when he was a little red headed boy, and the trouble he got in to! Kartwright loved that Uncle Bill let him drive his convertible around the neighborhood.

In the past we have only really gotten together with Bill at family dinners, or big events. That does not always translate into getting to know one another, especially for the children, as they are usually off playing. This visit was really fun, and I feel like Bill connected with us on a more intimate level.

I was reminded........
--that smaller gatherings can mean closer relationships

--that opening my home can actually be fun if I stop worrying what my visitors think

--that it's fun to see your children through an others eyes

--that uncle Bill is one of my favorite people

--that my kids are really fun to more then just Michael and I

we loved having you Bill, come back to see us real soon!

took a pic of this beauty Saturday
thought you might enjoy!


Joy Cometh in the Morning said...

Hey Amy,
It is fun to see your children through other peoples eyes. That is something I didn't learn until very late. Thanks for the encouraging comments! Please keep Austin in your prayers often.
Take Care,

Dyan said...

Hi Amy,
Thanks for stopping by my blog and saying hello. This is such a nice post, you know about the simple things that mak elife sweet like getting to know friends all over again and taking beautiful butterflies in nature.
Have a great week,

Lisar said...

Hi Amy, as someone who doesn't have her own children, I can certainly attest to the blessing that my friends' children are to me...and also that I visit my friends to see them, not the state of their homes...
A question: have you received my recent emails?
Blessings, Lisa