Tuesday, June 3, 2008

strange botanicals

Can anyone identify this strange flower??? We recently spied it growing as a vine on an old gate by one of the historical buildings in Charleston. It was soooooo beautiful I just had to pick one, then the girls each needed for her hair, and I totally was a horrible example as I "stole" the two most unusual blossoms I've ever seen. Don't judge me, you weren't there, you don't know the power it had! ...It was blue, and lime green, very dimensional if you know what I mean. I tried to google it, but came up empty handed. Anyone out there have a clue?


Michele Norman said...

Hey Amy!
You just fell in love with passion vine. This cool plant is underused, in my opinion.

To ease your guilty conscience, picking flowers encourages the plant to produce more flowers. So you were actually helping the plant, not really stealing!

Linds said...

That's one neat flower. At first glance I thought it was a lion/cat craft you made :) How beautiful!

Thanks for stopping by my blog. You have a neat blog here.


Lee said...

Hi Amy! I have never seen one of those beautiful flowers..... But I'd love to. I'm glad you got your answers because I am certainly not the girl to ask. Though I'd love to be. Glad to meet you! :)

Kim said...

Hi Amy,
It's called A passion flower and if you look it up on Wikipedia it will tell you what each part of the flower stands for as regards Jesus & the Apostles

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