Monday, June 23, 2008

simple beauty

Lately I am noticing the simple beauty around me, and treasuring it in my heart!

-The ospreys nests high on the telephone poles that we see on our way to the beach on Isle of palms.

-The sweet humming of ElizaJane as she takes a bath in our big garden tub.

-The way the trees shine after an afternoon shower.

-The nutty smell of the toasted tuna melts Kartwright made for dinner last night.

-The excitement in Dakota's voice when he called from the Braves stadium to tell us what fun it was to be there.

-the wonder of the deer that decided to visit our yard in the middle of the afternoon last weekend.

-the sound of Crockett's slippers on Liza's feet coming quietly down the stairs each morning.

What simple beauty do you notice?


Lisa Leonard said...

I know just what you mean..a little boy's giggle or the sun through the trees. There is beauty to be found. xoxo

thehomespunheart said...

Amy - I loved this post! Thank you for the reminder to look at the simple beauty!

These past few days, I have noticed...

How Rachel is changing into a young girl and is not a baby anymore. I am overcome with the beauty of my children (in my eyes) often!

A sweet song sung by Emily

Emily laying next to Samuel and seeing her nurturing and mother instincts coming out so beautifully

Samuel snuggled up on my shoulder this afternoon taking a nap - I held him for over an hour!

A cardinal in our holly tree.

I'm sure there is more - but these are what comes to mind right now.

Kota Kid said...

Hey Momma, I love your blog! I have been trying to keep up with it for the past couple of weeks. It helps me cope with missing you and the rest of the family this summer. I've realized how much I take for granted when it comes to my family. It’s one thing to go away at school and not be a part of everyday boring life! :) But this summer away from home has been, yes, exciting but also in many ways depressing. I miss the beach, seeing my sisters running around the pool and on their boogey boards. I miss kartwrights big crazy self. And every time you write something about Crockett it brings tears to my eyes.

I’ve just been thinking about all the things I have taken for granted over the years in my family, and how much more thankful I need to be. Especially for you, Momma!!! :) xoxoxox I love YOU

Brianne said...

Thanks for visiting my page!! :o)

The beauty around me that I love to see consists of (and not contained to) is~

The sun's rays shining through the clouds

Beautiful, vibrant wildflowers growing all around

Butterflies delicately floating in the breeze

Big, green beautiful trees

I love the smell of rain

Big raindrops that splatter all over when they hit the ground

I also try to get the most out of all the beauty around me. I love looking out the window, or going on a walk to just find something amazing that God created. It's amazing to think that He created all of this to enjoy, and half the time it goes unnoticed. There are so many more things I could mention! What a wonderful idea for a post :o) I'll check back again soon. Have a super day.


Lee said...

I am noticing how God speaks through EVERYTHING if I just pay attention.

The dew on the grass.
The rainbow over my garden.
My sweet Gabi's "Love you too Momma."
Brendan's thumbs up at the t-ball game.
Lexie Beth's head on my shoulder.
The smell of the first cup of coffee.

You are right, God's goodness is all around us. :)

Sarah Markley said...

thanks for your sweet comments on my blog. =) YOU have a way with words.