Sunday, June 15, 2008

Letter from Heaven to my Daddy

Dear Daddy,
I want to thank you for loving me so well while I was on earth, and thank you for being such a terrific Daddy. I know that no one is really sure about what I saw or heard or understood while I was there, and we all know that I certainly couldn't reassure you with any words or signals, but I did know that you loved me very much!

Thank you for all those early mornings when we were alone together, and you so lovingly changed me, and dressed me, and combed my hair. I know that often you even ironed my shirts just because. Thank you for caring about my dignity. Thank you for feeding me so perfectly, and holding me so securely, like no one else could. Thank you for talking to me so lovingly when only I was in the room, and giving me your undivided attention. Thank you for all those mornings Daddy!

Daddy thank you for all those cuddles on the couch, and all the naps we took together. I loved to lay on your strong chest and hear your heart beat. It calmed me so. You were really the only one who I enjoyed cuddling with once I got older. I am so thankful for those times.

I want to thank you too Daddy for the way you loved my siblings. All the things you did for them when no one else seemed to notice, I was noticing. When you loved them, and did for them, it reminded me of how you also loved me. I heard your voice over all the other voices on the ball field, I heard you praying good night prayers, I heard you singing lullabies, and preparing food, I heard your voice out on the beach in the waves, and I heard all the cries you comforted. They all made me smile, and I am so thankful.

Thank you most of all Daddy for loving Mama through all the years of uncertainty and fear. Through all the seizures and medicines, the throw-up, and leaky diapers, for always being so helpful, and being such a rock for her to lean on, thank you. I saw all those kisses when you thought no one was looking, and it made me smile. When lesser men would have retreated, you stood up for the challenge, and saw the gift that I was.

Daddy, thank you for being proud of me for completing my mission on earth. Thank you for knowing that God made me just the way I was, and that I was not an accident. Thank you for seeing my life as one of worth, and value, and purpose. I did all that God required of me Daddy just like you always knew I would. I taught you all more then any other human ever could Daddy, and I never even spoke a word! When God decided I was done, I went home. Now I am enjoying my reward, and I will be so glad to see you when you get here.

Happy Father's Day Daddy,
Your boy, Crockett


Chrissie said...

What a great father and husband! Showing such tenderness and devotion to the family. A beautiful picture of our Heavenly Father.
It is evident why God chose your family for little Crockett to be placed in.

Mette said...

What a great letter to Crockett's dear father and your beloved husband. You are indeed a special family! Crockett was lucky having you as parents, Amy. I can feel the love in your family al the way to Denmark! Hugs, Mette

thehomespunheart said...

What a sweet letter and meaningful for you husband on Father's Day! I am thinking of you...

It's been fun to see a few comments from you around on other blogs I read! :)

Anonymous said...

I cried all the way through this wonderful letter. May God sustain you and continue to bless you.

Catherine said...

What a beautiful gift and a sweet young man. I am sorry to hear of your pain. I can't even imagine. Thank you for posting on my blog and giving me the chance to be blessed by reading yours. If you go to my blog and go to the blogs under, "people I'd love to have coffee with" and then click on Nitty Gritty, she has a very similar post she posted on Father's Day from a child she lost in a tragic accident. She got a lot of flack for it by people who said it was unhealthy to do such a post...I couln't believe the way people were judging her way of grieving. But she is a Christian and she handled it with class. I just wanted you to know about her too. You are my first blog comment from someone out of my small town!!
I will continue to keep up with you as well. Take care and may God keep you and your family at peace with the loss of Crockett.

gail said...

wow! i foudn you thru a comment youleft on another blog. i love your posts about crockett and feel your love and your pain. can i ask? what disability did he have? i have a 10 yr old son with angelman's syndrome.

i look forward to coming back and reading more of your blog. i'm a wanna be scrapper and love to see what other scrappers are doing.

God bless you, gail in idaho