Monday, June 9, 2008


We drove down to Georgia last Wednesday to see Dakota's first game in his summer league. We just couldn't stand to miss it! He just loves being part of a team, and was surely in his element. The girls don't especially enjoy watching baseball, but they do miss their brother. There was no "acting to cool" on Dakota's part when ElizaJane went up to the fence to greet him. He shared his sunflower seeds with her, and talked for a long time through the chain link fence.
This picture made me think, how we so often talk through the fence with those we love. Not in reality of course, unless you really love your next door neighbor, but figuratively. Forced through the fence to see an obscured view, and met with an inability to really connect. The sounds and distractions of those around us block out the voices of the ones we wish to hear, and the fear that we might be rejected prevents us from walking into the dug out so to speak. I find myself in that boat with many that I care about.
The deaths that my family has recently faced first my husband's brother Timothy in February, and then just eight weeks ago the death of our sweet Crockett, have put me in the 'what if I never see him/her again' mode. Life is so fragile, and death comes so quickly, yet we often take it for granted. Not to belabor the fence analogy, but sometimes it's heights seem simply insurmountable when it is your own or someone Else's pride that gets between really sharing. I wonder sometimes, if IT doesn't need to be communicated with words, but if sometimes, when I really feel IT, when I long to say IT, when I desire IT is understood, whatever the IT might be, has IT maybe already been said?.....just thinkin.

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