Monday, October 13, 2008

Home for fall break

He is a veritable celebrity in his own home, and our senses are overflowing with his return.

We listen to his stories of "pretty much amazing" athletic feats, and the antics of his baseball team buddies. His deep voice fills the rooms of our house with memories of the skinny little seriouse boy that once was the only child we had.

We watch him eat, and eat, and eat some more. Thirty minutes after a meal is cleaned up and put away, he is searching diligently in the fridge for something more to snack on.

We smelled the huge plastic tub of rank laundry that he trekked home, and I washed, dried. and folded it all, Saturday. It is now all Lavender 'All' fresh, and stacked in wonderful neat uniform piles.

We play games and laugh at his need to always win, even Candy Land becomes a game of precision and determination with my oh so competitive oldest offspring.

We laughed with him at the Tim Hawkins DVD that Kartwright received as a birthday present last HIL-AIR-EE-US....I am not going to lie people. We laugh until we cry at this man, and everything he says becomes a family joke. Our meal times are almost always filled with fun and giggles, but when Coda is home he and his brother take the frivolity to a new level.

we are all enjoying the taste of sweet family.


Lisar said...

How lovely for you all to have your big boy and brother home....I am fascinated with the game....I think Kartwright was playing it with ElizaJane...what is it?

Also hope you got through the weekend OK...I was praying for you all....Hugs, Lisa

Lisar said...

me the quilt on the table!!! Lisa

char said...

Amy - I told Chris today that Zach could just stay here. I am sure he could get a full scholarship to play for the Sand Sharks. When I read about Coda coming home and see Kartwright growing so fast I am struck with the speed that this course is on. I was crying about Zach leaving when he was 10 and at almost 15 I am still crying.. yikes! How can we stand it? I love the way you write appreciatively about him and your family and how much fun you have together. People don't understand that this relationship is the one (immediate family) that matters most for the rest of your life as far as how you view everything, respond to others and love. You are doing a great job. Love you.. char

Ginger said...

Enjoy your week with your children together.

Dawn said...

Knowing how crazy those 2 boys are together, and with their daddy egging them on...I would love to hear the laughter around that table!! Enjoy his being home.
Michael moved to Savannah 3 weeks I have my first go at this child leaving home thing. It so ain't fun!! But it is natural.
But oh for the days when our boys were in 5th grade, throwing the football in the back parking lot!!
Love, Dawn

Ravenhill said...

How wonderful it is to be all together! This post was a delight to read! Enjoy your sweet family and fall break!

Sean and Joli said...

Oh, I love it! We do the same thing. Especially when we pass a Chickfilet:-) I sit here and imagine the day when Hunter has come home to visit and I can't help but get excited and sad about it. He is already 15. You do have some handsome young men and beautiful daughters.