Thursday, October 23, 2008

The same, but different

I hear a lot of chatter about home school rooms...We had one once, for about 4 days, lol. I guess that didn't work for us. My children pick their own areas to learn. They often migrate to new areas for different subjects. Kartwright prefers my bed...that's okay, I'm not using it when he is...Haven prefers a small table in the corner of the family room, where the sunlight pours in through the large paned windows.

When Kartwright was small, I remember him hopping from window seat, to couch, to dinning table, to rug, just in the time it took to do his handwriting. It was okay, as long as it got done in a timely manner. He has since learned to stay put. When Dakota was in High school, I recall sitting opposite him on the sofa sharing a quilt to read his Chemistry text....he was an auditory learner no doubt. Kartwright is more visual, like me, and needs to see the words on the page for himself. I have yet to figure Haven out, and the jury is still out on ElizaJane.

I am often struck with how very different the Lord makes all of us, in the midst of our sameness. As a family we laugh mostly at the same things, like to eat, watch, listen, and talk about most of the same things.....yet we are all so very different. Different in the ways we learn, and process information, different in our emotions, and abilities. Different even in the way we display our love for one another. The same, yet so very different!

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Dawn said...

Girl, what you doin' up at 5:00 A.M.?? You aren't one of those sicko morning people, are you????
Love the pic of the girls at the cute!
And those big feet on your've got some of those too! Dawn