Friday, October 31, 2008

Depression roots

Well, I guess you now know what I am the proud owner of.....It isn't ugly, at all, is actually quite cute, and I love the beach.....and I love cottage.....unfortunately, I don't own a beach cottage, or really decorate in that beachy cottege kind of way.

Her words were, "I just thought you might like this lamp that we had out on our porch, because otherwise I am going to just throw it out." It seems so simple now, just a "thank you so much for thinking of me but....." It was the last part that I couldn't eek out, the NO part of no thank you. I said, "thanks so much for thinking of me....sure we would love the lamp. That is so very kind of you!"

So now I must get rid of the sweet thing....any takers??? near me???

But then the next day Kartwright spied a rug on their garbage cans...well, they are really our cans, that they asked to use, but who cares...any way, he comes in and asks if I would like it. It is all rolled up, so we can't see the colors. So, much to the horror of my prideful non trash taking self, he carried it in on his shoulder. I love having a big strapping boy around to do my bidding. I was intrigued yet mortified. It was not my taste or colors anymore then the lamp was, but worth considerably more! We put it on the front porch to air out, as the odor was less then desirable. When the excitement died down, and school was back in order, Haven, my nine year old, turned to me and said, and I quote, " I feel like that family on the movie about Kit, that lived out in the woods in tents, and gathered junk"......All righty then, we have now been reduced to junk gathering Hobos from the depression era....Then I thought, give it a few more months, in this economy, and she may be right on the money!

Soooo...... here is the new rug for our tent. We haven't picked out our spot in the woods yet, but I hope it is near the hair salon, I can't go more then 4 weeks with these

not a very good picture, I know


Lisar said...

Well Amy, there you go....I do not know you at all well and OH MY GOODNESS......THAT LAMP.....eeeeek It is over the top....although I do have some friends who own beach houses and it would actually go quite nicely in them...shame I don't live closer and I might snaffle for the is quite nice....anyhow, you gave me a good laugh...Lisa

Danielle said...

lol! The lamp is cute...but you'd have to have just the right spot! The rug also looks very nice but again...just the right spot.

My husband loves to come home with treasures from other peoples trash ~ I've gotten used to it:-)

Happy Weekend to you!

Kelly McDaniel said...

Hi, Amy:
Check out Monica's blog. She could probably use your "treasures" with her new business venture.


Dawn said...

Thanks for the laugh out loud this morning! And I can still get 6 weeks out of my roots...although it's getting harder! LOL! Dawn

Saved Sinner said...

Can you donate it to a charity shop? (I think you call them Goodwill stores?)

thehomespunheart said...

Ha! I knew as soon as I saw your comment that you took the lamp! I will admit that I'm not sure how I would homespun that up! :)

Ginger said...

The lamp is cute for anyone with a beach house. I knew you'd take it; I probably would have as well, and then put it in my pile for the Salvation Army. I have done similar things before.

The rug is not bad looking from here. I hope your son does't become a "dumpster diver" like someone I work with who loves finding "treasures" at the dump.

Michelle said...

I left a comment below as well. Well, I know I won't be sending you any "beach" themed items in your fall swap box! I can see that in a little beach cottage too! There has got to be that perfect person out there that just needs that lamp!!

randi---i have to say said...

One man's junk is another man's treasure, right? If you can use it, might as well make it yours! :)