Friday, October 24, 2008

I recently read this.....Jimmy by Robert Whitlow.....Loved it, highly recommend it. Kartwright actually found a signed copy on the 50% off table at Zondervan Family Bookstore at the mall. He begged for it, and fortunately for him, I have a soft spot for books, especially hard back books, especially hardback books on sale, especially hard back books on sale, and are signed editions, and now, especially hard back books that are signed editions by Robert Whitlow.

Kartwright read it first, and wouldn't let it rest until I too had enjoyed it's wonder. I am sometimes thankful for my 16 year olds' persistence.


Ginger said...

Amy, I can't get the link. Is it just my computer?

Ginger said...

I googled JIMMY, though, and it sounds like a good read.