Thursday, October 16, 2008

SC state fair is officially a tradition

For the third year in a row we enjoyed the state fair, I think three times makes it an official tradition. Dakota has been on fall break every year on the same week, and the fair is a great time for all ages.
From this angle it looks as though Kartwright 16 has passed Dakota 20 in height. That is actually deceiving, but it most likely will happen as he is growing like a weed. Here they are loading on to the roller skate ride, which is the scariest that the fair will allow ElizaJane to do. That girl has no fear, and would have ridden them all, had she been able!
Didn't I tell you he was competitive???? even the slide was a race!!

Liza giggled through every ride, while Haven worried that she was holding tight. Can you see where her eyes lead, and the serious look on her face???

The girls could ride the swings for hours!!!

This one is hard to see, as the sun was going down, but can you see the shear joy on ElizaJane's face???I wish I could bottle that look!!!

This one made everyone a little queeeeeezy. They were just waiting for it to take off at this point. Haven with a new friend....there's that shear joy again.

The girls watching their brothers from below

The little one LOVED feeding the farm animals. Grandpa Cliff just kept feeding the animal feed machines with quarters. I would have taken this fancy cow home with me if they would have let me.....I am beginning to see a cow trend this week, have you noticed??

I guess her smiler wore out at some point!!

This is what happens if you opt out of a ride, you have to carry everyone else's stuff. Do you like that purse???

We had a really fun day, if you get the chance to check out a fair, make the effort, it is really worth it!!!


Ginger said...

Thank you for bringing back some wonderful memories for me. When I was a child, my parents took me to the Coastal Carolina Fair in Ladson (Charleston "suburb") every year. We went at night, and there was always something magical about the lights on the midway. I still have the stuffed Santa and the blue poodle my father won for me.

thehomespunheart said...

We've been wanting to go as a family for a few years! And, then we keep having a new baby that we wonder how that will work at the fair! I want so much to go and can't wait for the year that we make it happen!!!

Lisar said...

What a fun day it seems you all had....I am impressed at the bravery of your littlest....I am a big chicken when it comes to rides...hmmmm...maybe if I visit next year, I'll have to time it to coincide with a it the same as an agricultural show??? Lisa