Wednesday, March 21, 2012

2012 spring mantle

Only eighteen days until Easter, so spring decorating is on my mind. I love Easter, and I love spring!
I found this old window in the barn at our last home, so I dragged it out when the movers came to pack us up. When I say I dragged it out, you understand that I really mean that Michael dragged it out, and I said “please may we keep her”, in my sweetest whiney voice, and he said “sure” knowing that it would be one more thing to store in his garage that I would probably never use. But lookey here everyone. I cleaned her up, and she has a real home of honor, for the spring at least.

I painted this canvas too. I was inspired by something I found on pinterest. I’ll show you what, and how in a post real soon.

I found this Happy Easter garland at Home Goods in Atlanta some time ago.She is glitterfied, and sparkles not to much, but not to little.
I made the scalloped bunting out of vintage sheets that I have been hoarding saving up, for just the right project. I’ll show you how on that too, real soon. It was uber easy, and crazy fun, and when I say crazy fun I mean in a kinda tedious, but oh so rewarding kind of way.

Hope you like my mantle, and will leave me a comment, unless your name is anonymous, and you like to leave snarky not very encouraging kind of meanness, then of course you may please refrain from commenting, but know that I love you anyway, cuz I see through that snarky mean exterior, and see the awesome, encouraging, positive person that is trapped inside, just aching to get out!

Happy Easter ya’ll

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thehomespunheart said...

Ooooh - I really like this Amy!!

Beth said...

thanks so much for coming to see me and I love that you have He is Risen too, on your mantel! God Bless you and yours!

Melissa said...

LOVE "her"! My mom had had some of those beauties hanging from the ceiling (by hooks) in front of windows. I have them in storage right now but looking forward to a day I can enjoy them.

Danielle said...

I want one of those windows:-)

The bunting looks great... I like the layered look! I also like how you put some bunting on the window! Happy Spring!

karen@somewhatquirky said...

This is really nice. I'm not usually one for buntings. But I love the "cluster" of buntings and how simple the rest of the mantle is. Just perfect.

Jamie said...

Love it! It looks perfect and really directs your attention to "He is Risen", which is where it should be! :)

Dear Lillie said...

So Cute! Happy Easter!