Thursday, March 15, 2012


march 20121
When we weren’t looking, and without warning, the azaleas snuck out and got all dressed up. The bees have been hard at work, and together the two are now putting on a great show already!
march 2012
These impatiens are right outside our front door. They have actually been blooming all winter, but have just recently really taken off.
march 20122

I believe these are Irises, we spied them near the golf course today. Although I am sure someone planted them, they kind of look wild the way they are growing in big clumps. They are so beautiful!

march 20123
But these two, they definitely take the prize for the loveliest in the garden! They are surely the sweetest as well!


Melissa said...

Oh, yes! Sweet, sweet, sweet!!! Beautiful flowers - love spring!

Anne said...

All your flowers are just lovely!
Spring is just beginning here. :-)

Sarah Belle said...

Your girls are beautiful A!! <3