Thursday, March 15, 2012

DIY avocados

We LOVE avocados around here, mostly with salsa and chips. So Michael is taking a stab at growing our own! It reminds me of the ol' sweet potato trick.
Just toothpicks, and water, and in a few short weeks we have roots, and stems, and even some little tiny leaves showing themselves! I read that within three years we could have a tree!
Honestly, I kinda made fun of Michael when he put those rock hard seeds in water. I couldn't imagine that they would grow roots, much less sprout leaves. I didn't really want an ugly rotting avocado pit stinking up the house, but I kept that to myself, hoping it wouldn't take long for them (the seeds, or pits, or whatever they are) to prove me right.

Well, now I am a believer, and they have really been fun to watch, and they don't smell at all. Now this skeptic is dreaming of beautiful flowering avocado trees.


Melissa said...

I'm dreaming of that too! Gonna have to look into that. Brian is a huge avocado fan!!!

Danielle said...

Nice! I love avocados! In my tacos, on my salad, on a sandwich instead of mayo, make pudding with them! YUMMO! I don't think they would grow up here though:-(

Anonymous said...

You do know they take nearly a decade to fruit and may never fruit at all when grown indoors, right?

asnipofgoodness said...

Haha, anonymous, yes, you are so encouraging! Thank you!