Monday, March 12, 2012

My cloche

I am crazy for cloches, no really I am.
I'm not sure why, but they intrigue me.

I started collecting them a few years back, and find them so fun to fill and scatter through out the house. Michael and the kids gifted me this giant one two years ago for my birthday, and it is my favorite!

For this time of year, it's a challenge to think of something fun to put in it. I don't really want to plant anything in it, although come to think of it, clover would have been fun for St. Patricks day. I like to change the display for the different seasons. This time I stacked favorite old books. I am often drawn to old books, sometimes just for their old pages for use in craft projects. Our family LOVES books, so it is fitting that we live with books, and admire their beauty.

Do you have anything at your house, that you leave out all year, but change for the seasons, or any collections that you scatter to decorate different parts of your home?


Melissa said...

I have teapots and teacups scattered through the house. I leave all of them out through the year, even the Christmas ones. I love to use teacups for all kinds of things. They make great soup bowls, votive holder, and hold loose items.

I have garland that I change out each season. Just learning to make my own. Just learning to like crafting...

Danielle said...

I love the books! Great idea!

I have mason jars with candles in my deep windows. I like to change the contents of the jars with the seasons... last time I changed it was Christmas though... oops!