Monday, December 15, 2008

Encouragement game, day 15

My favorite Decoration

I know this isn't the best of pictures, but I wanted to show you my favorite Christmas decoration! It is a bit funky, and not exactly realistic, but I love it. Michael and I bought it maybe 5 years ago, on an anniversary trip to Charleston. That is kind of ironic in and of it self! I like it for the humbleness of the figures, and their ordinary features. I like to think that God used ordinary folks like this, to carry out the greatest story ever told. People of unimaginable faith and obedience, but ordinary in their stations, just the same! I also like this "creche", because of this...

also not a great picture, but hopefully you can see the empty manger, empty, except for a beautiful handmade quilt. I like that the manger is empty, because I have never understood why a mother would put any baby in a animal feeding trough, much less, the son of God. I know she did, because the bible says so, and also, the prophesy had to be fulfilled, that said she would, but I like to think, that he didn't stay there very long, but rested in his Mommas arms. Now we all know, that she wrapped him in swaddling clothes, whatever that is, but I like the symbolism that the quilt in this scene has. Mary was anxiously awaiting the birth of her son, preparing, nesting, loving him, even before he arrived. She was an ordinary girl really, in an extraordinary circumstance, with the unimaginable pleasure of welcoming her Savior, my Savior into the world! Her life is an encouragement to me, as I strive to infuse my Savior into my everyday ordinary existence, welcoming, an extraordinary baby into my Christmas Season.

What is your story of encouragement?

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Lisar said...

What a lovely simple....and I too love the way Mary is holding her precious baby and our Saviour...I also love the quilt and how it is a Star Block...your posts are always so encouraging to me....Blessings....Lisa