Thursday, December 18, 2008

Lady Di, SSAA's, SPAA's, and resistance

Encouragement day 18
Diana Princess of Wales, our resident Welsh Corgi had some bad news recently......she has arthritis! Poor baby. We have noticed she has been a bit gimpy in the morning, and as the day wears on she transforms back to her ol' spry self. The vet prescribed some yummy chewy things twice a day, and Di is ecstatic about that! I suppose we are encouraged that it is not something worse.

I love to capture little spontaneous sibling affectionate acts such as this. ElizaJane has gotten very "into" using the computer lately, and often asks for the kids help with it. It has been fun to see the girls playing the same games on the computer, that the boys played years ago. ....have you noticed that Haven has that sweater on in every picture I post??? I must look into that?!?!

Here we are, she finally changed! Here's another one of those SSAA (spontaneous sibling affection acts). Kartwright was actually helping Haven sing some old Christmas carols....gotta love that!! I put all the Christmas books I could find from all our book stashes, on our coffee table, and we have all enjoyed reading them, and just looking at them together. Funny how such a seemingly simple thing can create so many SSAA's, and SPAA's (spontaneous parental affectionate acts). That is very encouraging!
I had two people wait on me, in two different stores today, that were unusually helpful, and pleasant. It is so easy to complain when people are rude, but today I was struck with how great they did their jobs. I plan to write letters to the two stores, reporting their great service, that should be encouraging! Because I have been on this encouragement kick, I think I have been a bit more conscious of being more friendly myself....eye contact, calling by name tag name, saying Merry Christmas, giving them a heartfelt thank you instead of the obligatory one, smiling more, asking them how they are and really meaning it....It is a good thing. I know so often I just buzz through my day, without a thought to the strangers around me. I really like this new awareness!
My friend Michele shared that she feels resistant to share the ways she has encouraged others because she feels like she is "tooting her own horn". I confess that I have felt some of that same resistance. I do think though that we can encourage one another by sharing, as it may spark some ideas in all of us reading. Most of my encouragement is done to and for my family, and I haven't shared that, because it is generally just basic being a good Mom stuff, that we all hopefully do without much prompting. Doing this exercise though, has made me aware of just how "self and family" focused I have become. I haven't done a whole lot of outward blatantly encouraging acts of service, because.....well, because lets face it, this season is a bit crazy, and there just aren't enough hours in the day. I have however become much more aware, and hopefully more thoughtful. Your stories would also encourage me, just to know someone is playing along!
What is your story of encouragement today?


Dual said...

Nice blog Good day!!

Elise said...

That is so sweet the older brother reading to the younger sister. I almost cannot wait for those days, though I can wait for them to get older. The time is flying too quickly!!
Do I have a story of encouragement...hmmm, I like what you said about being extra friendly to the cashiers, etc. I remember one time when I worked in the Christmas Trim dept. at Rich's. We were right by the door and freezing. One time some person brought me and my co-worker hot chocolates. I thought that was so kind of a stranger to do that. I have on occasion payed for the person behind me in the drive thru. I often wondered what they could have been doing or how their day was before that. Its fun to do when I can.
Merry Christmas!!

Ginger said...

Nice picture of Lady Di as well as the kids. I had noticed that Haven had a special sweater. I have one, too, but I got mine in college probably back in '82 or so. I used to love to shop at Casual Corner, and boy, that has been one good sweater. I'd say I have gotten my money's worth.

Lisar said...

Such sweet photo's...especially of the girls..I am a bit with your friend on blowing my own trumpet...but in order to of the ladies at work's husband died a couple of months ago so I have been endeavouring to encourage her when I see her...and I made her one of Monica's names of Jesus garlands...have also been conscious of just being more friendly to those whose paths I cross amidst the Christmas rush.