Thursday, December 4, 2008

sheet music wreath ornament

Handmade gift idea # 4

I recently discovered THIS blog, and have been inspired numerous times by the projects there. This is a simple project, found HERE, that I had a lot of fun doing. I am going to use it as a hostess gift for a tea party that the girls are invited to later this morning. It would be a small gift, good for SS teachers, nursery workers, neighbors...etc. It would also serve well as a package topper, or goody bag tag. I chose to make it out of Hymn book pages, as I liked the project instructions sheet music example, but the possibilities are endless. It would also be fun to use magazine pages, or an old children's story book. Of course there are all kinds of scrap booking papers that would be beautiful, or you could even use wrapping paper, or old Christmas cards. My Haven plans to make one for a decoration for her bedroom door! Why don't you try it, it's a quick and easy project, and could serve as a lasting source of encouragement for someone in your life!


Ali said...

Very cute! I like your holly addition.

Rene said...

Very nice. Thanks for linking!

Debilou~Mississippi Mama said...

Soo cute, and those would make great gift toppers too. I cant wait to make some. Thanks