Tuesday, December 16, 2008

The Turkey in the window is you !

Funny story for you, just to encourage you to smile today!
On our way to church Sunday morning in our white Honda van complete with non matching white front bumper piece (nother story, nother day, not so funny...) we were minding our own business, balancing the hope of keeping our sanctification, with the trauma of car seats, drama queens, and a teen.....you know the Sunday morning drill, when suddenly, both Haven and ElizaJane let out great gasps in almost perfectly unified surprise. Michael and I both questioned the excitement, while Kartwright went on unaffectedly reading the Sunday comics. "A turkey, a turkey" the girls exclaimed...."in front of that store back there."
Let me stop and explain just a sec. We live in a community that is supposedly replete with wild turkeys. I have never seen one inside our gates, but often they are near the highway close by. The kids have gotten used to spotting them, and it has become a joke with us. We often laugh, that many hunters talk about how hard it is to hunt turkey, because they are supposedly hard to sneak up on! Well, not around here. Sometimes they are so close to the road that one could have roast turkey quite often if one was to just bear off to the side a bit....I'm just sayin! Anyway, lest some of my international readers (all two of you...if there are more....gives us a shout out!) think this is normal in the states, to see wild turkeys in the side of the road, let me assure you ....not so much.
back to Sunday morning...Michael looked at me, I looked at him, and with those Wiley ways that only us women folk have, with just one glance, he new he was turning around. I wanted to see the turkey in front of the store. We were both thinking the same thing, and we were right. The turkey was challenging his own reflection in the store's glass door! His fan was completely plumed, or is it his plume was completely fanned....You know what I mean! He was really pretty, well, except for that big red hangy down thingy on his nose....what is that for??? Turkey people out there, Does that serve a purpose? I suppose I should do my research before I start writing shouldn't I? Any hoo, we pulled over to watch Tom (that's what we named him, original huh? you can always count on us for original names now, don't ya know?) and he proceeded to pace back and forth in front of the glass doors and windows, as if he was contemplating his next strategic move to abolish the intruder from his highway territory. Who knew turkeys were territorial. We made bets (not real bets, come on folks, we are nice christian people here, what are you thinkin?) on whether Tom would still be there when we came back by after church. I lost, he wasn't.
I tried to take a picture for ya, but just as I pushed the button, the camera battery died.....snappers! so you will have to be encouraged by this pretty palmetto, that I spotted at the mall. Isn't she the bomb? I love palmettos, and surrounded by her impatient lady's in waiting, makes her even more exquisite!
So remember Tom today, and smile as you contemplate this....
That person you are peering at, might be just as frightened as you are....
try to encourage them today!
What's your story of encouragement?


Michele Norman said...
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Lisar said...

What a shame your camera battery died...I would love to have seen a photo of "Tom" parading before himself....and I am so with you on that dangly thing....so disgusting!!! We tend not to see turkeys, wild or otherwise alive over here (only ones in teh supermarket freezer)...but I did see 3 echidnas on my travels yesterday!