Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Felted wool pomander

Handmade gift #2

Find awesome felt wonderment HERE and a tutorial for the whole adventure HERE. Betz White, is the bomb when it comes to Felted wool projects, and she has become my mentor, (unbeknown st to her by the way) in the felted odyssey that I am on of late!!!

This Pomander was sooooo easy, and I can't help the cozy feel it ignites in me! Lovin felt lately. lovin Betz White, lovin pomanders, lovin handmade gifts! I dare you to try it!!


thehomespunheart said...

Did you see her skirt????? I want one!

We need a good source of wool sweaters! I want to make this - and will be on the lookout for more wool. Is Lindsey looking for any for us in WA? :)


Lisar said...

I love did you make it on the links site...I must have a have been busy