Friday, December 19, 2008

Gingerbread goodness

Encouragement day 19
Yesterday was gingerbread house making day, and the girls were raring to go! Kartwright was sick, so while he dreamt sweet dreams of clear heads, and fever less non aching muscles, we went to work.
I assigned the girls "jobs" on the house this time, as I could easily see that Haven was feeling a bit possessive of the wee cookie home. it is very important to her that things be done "right", (I wonder where she gets that, must be from her father), and these are things that a fun loving carefree four year old like LizaJane doesn't worry her pretty little head about. Liza was assigned the gum drop walkway, which she very painstakingly did her very bestest on!

Haven was given the roof to do after I applied the icing....I mean, it was very important that it be done right....right??? It was fun to watch the girls work together, and I was encouraged to hear them encourage one another in a job well done.

What could be more perfect then a pink and purple bubble gum wreath hanging above the door???

We did this tree also. It was a last minute kit purchase.
It turned out okay, but wasn't nearly as fun to do together.

What do you think? This is a tradition we have been doing for about 4 years now. it gets more fun every year. The only hard part is trying to find a bare space to display it. Oh, and then there are the missing gum drops every day, that no one will confess to stealing.

Do you have a story of encouragement today?


Ginger said...

Just darling~~I LOVE that chef's hat. I have the feeling LizaJane has a flare for the dramatic---does she?

I think the gingerbread tree is just as adorable as the house.

Still praying and waiting

Michele Norman said...

Wow! The Asnip gingerbread house and landscape are beautiful. Very impressed.

The Norman daughters did ours. I managed to just watch from a distance so that I didn't ruin the fun by putting in my two-cents. The girls made the whole thing up themselves which might be why it fell apart in less than a day. The Norman boy predicted right from the start that the whole structure was unsafe, but the girls were having fun and were quite unconcerned with building codes and such. I was encouraged by the kids' cooperation and love. I probably encouraged them by allowing them to have total freedom!

Lisar said...

Love the photo of the girls and especially Eliza's chefs over the top LOL!!!!
I have always wanted to make a gingerbread house but really don't know what I would do with it!! Do you actually demolish it to eat it? Seems such a shame...

Buzzings of a Queen Bee! said...

How fun!! I love it! We did the same gingerbread house last weekend and the gumballs did keep disappearing! (my fault though!) Yours looks a lot better than ours, my two-year-old did most of the decorating. :)

I am still thinking about my Christmas table decorations but will hopefully have something to post about it next week! I might be doing the cookie placecard again, I need to think about it. So glad it worked for you though!