Thursday, December 4, 2008

Encouragement game day 4

Well, you all are encouraging me by even reading this silly blog, so don't for a minute think you haven't encouraged anyone!!!!LOL

I encouraged my kids by making them all grits for breakfast yesterday....HAHA. Hey, I said the small ones counted too! Lets see. I wrote a few encouraging e-mails to some people I haven't kept up with well, but love and care for very much. I told the sales Lady at the children's clothing store how much I appreciated the fact that they had toys there to keep my littlest happy while I shopped. That might have been encouraging. I spoke to the checker at Walmart by name (name tag) and asked him about his day. That might have been irritating, but I meant it to be encouraging. The best part of this game for me, is that I am going about my day seeking to encourage, with my actions, and with my words. I felt a bit thwarted (Satan perhaps, or just hormones....wait is that two different things????) in my efforts. I persevered however, and continue to pray for opportunities, as well as ideas of how, to encourage those around me.

Soooo, it's your turn, what is your story of encouragement???

By the way, our new Christmas tradition, that we just instituted last night, is this. Keep your Christmas tree hidden in the far back corner of your yard, where no one can see it, then during the month of December of the following year, burn it in the fire pit, and roast marshmallows as a family. Is that recycling, re purposing, or re using???? Ha Ha!! It was fun though it might not always be encouraging to your neighbors! HA!


Buzzings of a Queen Bee! said...

My husband got a new account at work yesterday and I tried to slow down with all my multitasking long enough to celebrate him and his talent. I hope I did a good enough job! He deserves it!

Ginger said...

I love the Christmas recycling idea. This is awful, but I'll tell you anyway. My tree from last year IS in the backyard! I couldn't tie it to the car to take to the dump, so there it lays. I like your idea about reusing it, though.

My encouragement for the day: My team leader, a dear friend, is getting quite forgetful about after school meetings, etc... I told her today I would be her financial secretary (I do her time sheet for after school, although she's the math teacher and I'm the ELA teacher; she wouldn't get paid otherwise.) and her appointment secretary since we had a podcasting class from 3-4 again today, and she had forgotten. She said she was glad I was there to take care of her. It's a standing joke between us because this comes up all the time.

Alana said...

Hey there! I wanted to stop by and say "hello". Thanks for your comment recently. I love the idea of an encouragement game!

Dawn said...

Well, we ended up at the doctor's office his evening. Jessie got hit in the head with a piece of pipe and cut her head open. Dont ask. Let's just say that fort building CAN be dangerous!
Anyway, she had to get a shot, and she was very afraid. I held her on my lap,big 9 yr old girl that she is! Then, I took her to Chick FilA and got her a big chocoloate milkshake. I'd say she was encouraged! I mean, was chocoloate an deverything!