Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Encouragement game day 2

Thank you to all who participated in the first day of our encouragement game, where we share stories of encouragement we gave or received during our everyday.

I must confess, that finding someone to encourage specifically each day, is going to be a challenge! The game did however make me very aware of my words, and if they were encouraging or not so much! Although I don't have a single story to share today about encouragement I gave yesterday, I can say this. I said yes to my kids more, Yes you may have a snack, Yes I will read some books, Yes you may paint, I was not quite as spent as usual come evening, and yet I gave much more of myself then usual, in an effort to encourage my children. When Michael got home, we all went for a chilly walk, to look at the funny moon, something about Jupiter and mars or something, and then went home to Chili and cornbread. I was more aware, of how encouraged I was to see my children laugh, and race, and chase. And what a joy it was to walk in the cold night with my family.

I was particularly encouraged by the stories of encouragement that some of the readers shared. Danielle, and Monica, had stories similar to mine, from the past, and Meredith, Dawn, and Ginger, had actual stories of purposeful encouragement on their part, that were exciting and fun. If you haven't read them, please do. Meredith even left a link to an especially sweet story. I would guess that each of these ladies acts of encouragement were as encouraging to themselves, as they were to those they set out to encourage. It is truly contagious isn't it? I even received a comment from the encouragement foundation, THAT WAS ENCOURAGING!! LOL.

Sooooo, tell me your stories of encouragement today!


Lisar said...

Hmmm...day 2 over for me and I really haven't done much in the way of encouraging others today...but your words rang true for me..perhaps it isn't always what we say, but perhaps what we don't say...example...I had one of those days at work where everything that could go wrong went wrong...every client I find particularly challening phoned with some issue or another...I share an office with a couple of people who I find a challenge...so often I say very little by way of not having to interact with them, (as I can tend to be blunt)...so this afternoon I had quite a pleasant chat with one of them....rather than just ignoring them...not sure if he found it encouraging!!!
An old encouragement I recalled was when I was studying and on a clinical placement....I had a rather tough supervisor for part of the placement and she told me that I wasn't innovative with my treatment plans...anyway, my other supervisor said to me that only about 2% of OT's are truly innovative, the rest of us become very good sponges....it has stuck in my mind for the past 13 years!!

Amy...you too encouraged me today with your email and prayers...so thank you so very much...It really lifted me when I needed to be lifted... This whole challenge is very good for me to be mindful of when I interact with my clients and other work colleagues so thank you....

Lisar said...

Hey...I saw the moon thing last night too...all the way at the bottom of the earth!!! It was apparently Venus and Jupiter and the way they aligned with the moon (which was a crescent shape) was like a smiley face (the planets were the eyes, the moon the mouth LOL)....And it WAS!!! Apparently it hasn't happened for many many many many years...and the next time will be in about 2013...how's that for some trivia?

Dawn said...

Good morning Amy! I love the banners...so cute! Just another thing to add to my "I want to do that" list.
I know I will be encouraged today. See, we are having Thomas' senior pictures done today. I have a cousin who is a photographer, and he does this for me for free. He will take around 60-70 shots, put them on a CD, and give it to me. I mean, c;mon, how much moe encouraging can you get than that??!!
BTW- One of my spiritual gifts is encouragement, so it is fairly easy for me to do this. I look forward though, to making my FAMILY the subject of my encouragement. Too often, I have kind words for everyone but them! KWIM? Ouch!
Thanks Amy, for a new way to check ourselves and our attitude.
Love you, Dawn

Michele Norman said...

I wanted to play the encouragement game yesterday, but just couldn't get there. I have been very DIScouraged over the past few days, feeling like a huge cloud was over me and I couldn't get away from it. The only One I could talk to about it didn't seem to be listening either.

Well, yesterday He showed me He was listening and that He is at work.

My daughter wrote me a letter to tell me what I meant to her. Then my overburdened husband called to tell of a great thing that God had done.

No one knew of my discouragement; I could only tell my Father. But He encouraged me as only He can.

Ginger said...

I'm afraid my encouraging today was more of the obligatory nature with students. I will have to consciously work on that tomorrow.

Danielle said...

Today I sent a card to a college student whom I adore...she is a real sweetie and I thought she may need some encouragement with finals coming up.