Tuesday, December 23, 2008

I guess I hit the ground strolling!

So here is the rundown.....one of the two nightgowns is complete, hope to finish number two tomorrow....The monkeys are still hidden in their drawer...the painted ornaments are not hung, but the idea is forming, and will be implemented soon,...dinner is not planned, but we have made last minute plans to include 6 more family members, but that will be great....eye appointment is going to have to wait until after Christmas, (i don't really need to see anyway)...cookies are decorated!

Everyone helped!

Dakota helped by eating the broken ones! tee hee

The girls were very specific about how they wanted them frosted.

Not Martha Stewart, but it's OK because I can't really see, remember?

They are delicious though, I must say!

I didn't want my picture taken, cuz I looked horrible!! Just keepin it real folks!

tomorrow is another day, and I vow to plan Christmas dinner and shop for it (me or my personal assistant)....Finish the second nightgown.....hang the ornaments....find the stockings....and finish the Monkeys. Hey isn't that the same list I had yesterday??????

Off to bed, and again, it is already tomorrow.

I don't think I encouraged anyone today....How about you??


Lisar said...

Hey Amy...I like it when you're up late...because it means that it is sort of the middle of the day for me....I have been to my friends to encourage them today...took some lunch and am about to go back with a cake I have baked....it's 4.30 in the afternoon here...and I have also just started making a christmas garland for some friends...talk about leaving things to the last minute...and by the way...I think the photo of you is just fine!!!

Michele said...

I'm encouraged because you got one nightgown finished! I was hoping you'd drop something else so that the girls would have them. I'm never in any photos either for the same reason. We need to make the effort to be in more....I've used that same excuse for too many years now.

I didn't knock out the two sewing projects completely yesterday, but plan to finish them today! And go to the grocery store. Oh, and I decided that my Christmas won't be complete unless I add two more projects.

Now I know why the Proverbs 31 woman's lamp doesn't go out at night!!

Can't wait to see a photo of the girls' nightgowns....with you in the picture!

Anonymous said...

You don't think you encouraged anyone today??!!! Look at those kids! I think you've obviously been a tremendous encouragement to these precious treasures! I can only imagine that Dad has got to be encouraged, too, by the way that mama is trying to juggle "everything" - even if he is currently her personal assistant. Where else could he be a "personal assistant" with such great benefits!!??

Dawn said...

I can tell you that you most definitely encouraged someone today. It was me! How wonderful to read your email this morning...I was sooooo encouraged!!
The pic made me laugh. Not because of how you look, but because I can just hear Dakota laughing, and his dad and brother joining right in the fun. I love to hear your family laugh...I like to hear my hubby and big boys laughing together too. Special times.
And I'm glad my Jessie was an encouragement to your sweet Haven. Jessie misses her so much.
Alrighty then...off to attack the list once more!! Love to your family,(BTW-I didn't get to hug either one of your big strapping boys Sunday morning, boo-hoo),Dawn

Ginger said...

Looks like such fun~~~~~~~~

Buzzings of a Queen Bee! said...

I am feeling so tired, I am not sure I could encourage anyone right now! This is the first year I genuinely feel overwhelmed by all the stuff to do for Christmas. How about you!? At least you have wonderful and yummy Christmas cookies! Good luck on the nightgowns!