Wednesday, December 24, 2008

My list is done!!!

Today I hit the floor drooping, cuz yesterday I hit the floor skipping, and now I am worn out! not really, actually the season has energized me, and my new personal assistant keeps me motivated!! LOOK, I finished the nightgowns!!!! yeah!!!

and the 12 days of Christmas ornaments we painted are up, yeah!!

The partridge is my personal favorite!

And, here I present to you, Molly and Marcy, the monkey sisters!!!
They were soooooo much fun to make,
and I am so excited to give them to the girls!!!!

Like those felted wool button shoes???

and a secret little heart on their bums.

I feel encouraged that all is done!!!! I hope to encourage my children to clean their rooms today. I know, I know, it's Christmas Eve, but it will be their Christmas present to me!!!!

Encourage someone today, and Merry CHRISTmas Eve!!!


Ginger said...

I love those monkeys, and yes, the shoes are phenomenal. Merry Christmas!

Michele said...

I love Molly and Marcy and know the girls will too.

I encouraged my son by coaxing him to skip shopping at that big-boxed store that ninety-nine percent of Beaufort has visited in the past two days. Instead he'll be Christmas shopping for his family from the storehouse in my closet. He is so indebted to me that his Christmas gift to me is child-labor!

You've encouraged me to get lots of fun projects done, and I did them without bring grouchy!

Have a very merry Christmas.

Dawn said...

Funny...I was wondering this morning if I would be traumatizing my kids for life by making them clean their rooms today!! LOL!! I don't want them, when they're all grown up, reminiscing around the table about how they always had to work, "even on Christmas Eve"! I haven't decided yet how this day will go.
I adore the monkeys, and those little felted shoes are absolutely to die for!!
I do hope that you, Mike and all the kids have a wonderful day today AND tomorrow. Merry Christmas Friend!! Hoping to see you very soon(again!), Dawn

Angie said...

I love the night gowns and the monkey sisters...too cute. You are so talented. I h Hope you and your sweet family have a very Merry CHRISTmas! Hugs!

Danielle said...

You and your personal assistant crack me up:-) Love the monkies, especially their shoes! Nightgowns looks lovely also! Merry Christmas!

Larissa Holland said...

Your Mollys are indeed delightful! Cute colors. thanks for the sweet comment, also. Happy new year!