Monday, December 22, 2008

Hittin the floor runnin

Tomorrow these feet are going to hit the floor running! All these last minute Christmas thingies have to get done. There are the 12 days of Christmas ornaments that Haven and I painted together the other night (soooooo fun to have a crafty friend in my own daughter, who woulda known?), that need a home. There is no room on the tree for these cuties, so we were thinkin another banner of sorts. That needs to be figured out soon, or they will miss their time to shine, and then have to wait for next Christmas!

Then there are the Christmas nightgowns that I had planned to make for the girls! This one might have to be scratched of the list, in the interest of time! I really want to do it though. I started that tradition a while back, of new jammies for everyone, love it, but I may have to leave it.....sigh!

Then there are these two monkeys....names to be revealed with their faces. Only the hand sewing left, so there is still quite a bit of hope that they will come to fruition. I believe two little girls I know, will be very pleased to see them under the tree come Christmas morning. can't wait to finish them, they have been so fun to work on.
So there are a few of the things on my to-do list, not to mention the cookies that need to be baked, and decorated, Kartwright's costume for his play that I have barely started, planning Christmas dinner, and that eye appointment that I have been putting off for more then a year......I don't really know why that is on the list, I mean, I've waited this long right, why must it be done during the holiday rush???? Just cuz I CAN'T SEE, that's all!!!!
Gotta get to bed, Oh my, it's already tomorrow, and I haven't gone to bed yet!!!
My new personal assistant is actually waiting up for me! I think having him home, is better then eating, so we may forgo the job hunting for a while, I could get used to this, ut oh, I think I'm already used to it!!!!
Have a wonderful day, and remember to encourage someone!!!


Ginger said...

Boy, you've got a LOT of sewing to do, but I'm sure you're up to it. It must be so nice to have a kindred spirit for a daughter (in the crafty realm).

I was an encouragement last night to someone without realizing it. I had emailed a friend in Charleston, Shannon, from my Partylite days, about praying for my parents. It seemed such an inocuous thing. She wrote back that she was humbled and honored that I thought of her. I replied that I knew He would have her give me just the right advice, and she said that encouraged her spirit, which she needed yesterday. We just never know.

Michele said...

I can so relate to the gazillion projects in two days thing. Today my plans include locking myself in the sewing room and knocking out two projects. Oh and about five other things.

The far-away daughter and I were in Michael's yesterday and I was trying to add three more projects to the list....what is wrong with me? I shouldn't be allowed in that store this close to Christmas. Daughter talked some sense into me-she doesn't know about my plans for today or she probably would have attempted to have me committed.

It was great seeing you all yesterday. You encouraged, you had to get out of the house really early! I would love to do a fabric store trip with you. Late January or February would be great.

Buzzings of a Queen Bee! said...

I love the tradition of making PJs for the kids every year. I had high hopes of learning how to do it before this Christmas, but without a sewing's a bit tricky. I am hoping by next year to be able to at least manage some flannel PJ pants! I am impressed you can manage the nightgowns! Good luck finding enough time! :)

sweston said...

Hey Amy! The ornaments you and Haven made are so cute. Can't wait to see the banner. I don't make the kids pjs however, they are carefully purchased at the local store. They open them on Christmas Eve. That is the tradition!! Anyway the purpose the of the comment was to wish you and your family a Very Merry CHRISTmas and a Very Happy New Year since I won't see you before hand!!! See you in 2009!!

Sandy Toes said...

very cute ornaments..I love the 12 days of Christmas!
-sandy toes

Lisar said...

Whew Amy, I am EXHAUSTED reading your TO DO list...mind you, I am a tad the same....I still have a few last minute things to finish off and on top of those, some more cooking. I love the ornaments you and Haven made...sooo sweet...I need to get a close up of them. Today I hope to be an encouragement to friends who are moving into their newly built home by making some lunch and helping to unpack.

Dawn said...

Amy, Could you maybe email me and tell me where you got those ornaments? My mom and I always painted ornaments together. It is a sweet memory of when I was little. I haven't been able to find any for my girls and I to do, but those are very cute!
Jessie was in absolute HEAVEN yesterday. I thought it was so cute though...remember how she and Haven used to always trade each other with whatever was in their purse? You know they did it yesterday? Jessie said she "just happened" to put some necklaces in her purse that she had made. And she got a card for free ice cream at Chick-FilA from your girl. LOL!!

Caroline said...

Hey Miss Amy!!
I was sooooo happy to see ya'll at church yesterday. What was crazy is that for some reason i was thinking about ya'll during church and how cool it would have been if ya'll came on christmas sunday and i was also wondering if, maybe, by some small chance, ya'll might have come...and who woulda known??? there you were!!!!

Love and Miss you all!!!!