Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Encouragement game, day 3

So, once again, no specific point of encouraging someone else, but a definite day of looking for someone to encourage, and living in a state of encouragement. This game is really life changing for me, I am not even exaggerating!!! Living to encourage is fun, and dare I say, encouraging. I find myself looking to catch someones eyes, and smiling more, I feel more purposeful in my actions, and more thoughtful in my reactions.

once again I was encouraged by others more then being the encourager. Perhaps that is the gift in this whole exercise! I received a wonderful gift from a blog reader that was super encouraging, and brought me back to the sweet warmth of Summer. It was also fun to see the joy on the faces of my girlies as they opened the handmade surprise purses filled with goodies from far away Australia. Thank you so much Lisa, and how dare you question your encouraging abilities today!!!

The most encouraging news of all, and I quiver even at the thought of posting this, as it is not yet a done deal, but........drum roll........WE HAVE AN OFFER ON THE HOUSE!!!!!! What a blessing, please pray that the Lord's will be done. WOW, that was an encouragement for sure!!

SOOOOOO, how about sharing your story of encouragement!!! You will be encouraged, I promise!


Ginger said...

That's great news about the house! I'll be back tonight with my encouragement report.

thehomespunheart said...

(gasp) - I will be praying that the house plan goes according to God's will - the prayer that never fails! I know it would be a huge encouragement to you for that to be complete!

I have been the receiver of encouragement as well - perhaps today God will send me an opportunity to be the encourager.


Dawn said...

Oh AMY!!!! I will be praying fervently for the deal to go thru!
The goose bumps popped up on my arms when I read that!
Back later with a story of encouragement...I hope. LOL!

Michele Norman said...

I'm so excited about the offer! I'll be praying for it to close with no hiccups.

char said...

Wow! Wow! Wow! Love you char

Lisar said...

So glad that you all gals like the parcel!! I had such fun putting it all together.
To the encouragement game from yesterday...I am finding that it is important for me to have an attitude shift and this in itself is encouraging...I find it very easy to be encouraging and say encouraging things to the people whose company I those who I find challenging...this is more difficult...but I have been reminded that Jesus loved the unlovely and unloveable...and this is how he wants me to love our enemies and those we find difficult...Does this make sense to anyone???
Anyhow...I posted something to one of my Mum's friends a couple of weeks ago as she has just been diagnosed with breast Cancer...yesterday I received a lovely Christmas card from her saying how encouraged she was from what I sent!!! How cool is THAT...Thanks Lord!!

Ginger said...

I really didn't do any encouraging today except the obligatory job-related stuff.