Monday, December 8, 2008

Encouragement game days 6,7, and 8

Our weekend was full of Christmas festivities, as I am sure everyone else's was. It all started with a hunt for the perfect tree on Friday night! We didn't get as large as one as usual, but it was plenty big. ElizaJane pretty much went hog wild at the tree "farm". She turned into a silly striped monster that we all didn't really recognize. I was encouraged by the lack of people that really cared, and my own ability to let it go.
The stripy Christmas sisters shared a smile for Momma.

Kartwright didn't think any of the trees were tall enough this year. Perhaps that is because he is so much taller! I was encouraged by the tree farms emphasis on the reason for the season. It is so great when a business isn't afraid to proclaim the good news with their advertising!

Saturday Kartwright performed with the Charleston youth theatre at the Daniel Island Christmas Festival. They sang a few songs, and did a few dances. He's the tall one in the back with no hat....he refused...I couldn't blame him....

The festival was full of crafts, and games, raffles, and lots of different groups performing. The girls had their faces painted. They also took part in a free scoliosis screening, and were given a clean bill where that is concerned. That was encouraging!

ElizaJane jumped in the balls! I am always encouraged by my children's ability to just jump right pun intended! I guess it always surprises me as I have never been like that!

After all that, we went home and decorated the tree. We had a good mix of sizes this year, so all the branches were equally covered. I remember the years when the tree was very bottom heavy as the kids were all small. My job was always to take each ornament off when they turned back to get another, and move it up! All the ornaments bring back so many memories. The kids each have several "favorites".

Daddy finished it off with the star. For some reason ElizaJane thinks of Crockett when she sees a star. You can imagine how much we are talking about our Crockey at this time of year!

It was a big day, and the girls were tuckered out! Michael and I went and did some Christmas shopping, and Kartwright babysat. Thanks Kartwright, you are a constant encouragement to me

So what is your story of encouragement today?


Lisar said...

Have just spent a lovely evening with good friends who only returned to Melbourne 12 months ago and have recently moved into their new was a night of mutual encouragement for us...
As for your Eliza Jane...I call it joyful exuberance...such a delight to see.

Anonymous said...

Hi Amy,

I enjoy checking in on your blog to find out what's going on, even though I'm not a faithful commenter. Email me if you have my address. I don't have yours anymore.


Ginger said...

Looks like great fun~~~the last picture is just too precious.

faerieeva said...

I love that last picture. As to encouragement... I helped my son use crayons today for the first time. Does that count?

Be loved and blessed,

Ginger said...

I got a bit of encouragement today that will last the rest of the week. This morning my Assistant Principal came in and said he and his 17 year-old step-daughter had been talking on the way to school and he asked her who her favorite teacher had been. She thought a moment and said ME. I had taught her 5 years ago when she was in the 8th grade. When he asked her Why? she replied that at first she and the others didn't like me. Later, they realized what I was trying to do. (I'm very demanding and don't tolerate laziness.)

I encouraged two students last Monday night at school. We had a "Fine Arts Night" where some students read pieces of writing they had chosen. My two girls were scared to death, but they did just fine.