Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry CHRISTmas

The malls were packed, the streets were lit with colorful displays, vacations were scheduled, presents were sought, bought, wrapped, placed or sent, delivered, presented, and received. Cars were packed, carols were sung, choirs practised, and performed, Santas were visited, trees were cut, picked, lit, and decorated, cards were sent, cookies were baked, and stockings were hung. From Presidents to paupers, people celebrate the birth of Jesus, even if they don't know him. Some don't even know why it is significant that he was born, or know that it is a historical fact, as opposed to a fairy tale, but almost all celebrate.

Jesus, God's son humbled himself, by being born on this earth, for you. He didn't have to, he did it for you. He did it because he knew he had to be born, so he could die, and he did that for you too. He was born of a virgin, conceived by the Holy spirit, so he was a sinless man. He was the only one who had the ability to die in our place. The bible says, that the payment for sin is death, but that the gift God gives is eternal life. We have all sinned. We gossip, steal, lie, cheat, covet, hate.....we all do. That means we have to die, because that is our punishment, but wait.....Jesus came and did it for us. He died so we didn't have to!!! That's why we celebrate his birthday in such a big way, all over the world, because some people know the good news, and they celebrate the birth of a God child that was born to die, so that they could live. It is still true today. That is the reason we give gifts, to symbolize the free gift that God provides for us. That gift is eternal heard right, eternal life, living forever in a wonderful place. God sent his son, and Jesus willingly gave his life, He then rose again on the third day, which we all celebrate on Easter. He rose again, because death could not defeat him. He was the only one that could defeat death for us, so he did. The only thing we have to do to get the free gift, of salvation from death, so we can live forever, is accept it. Yep, just believe God gave it, and accept it. You have to know that you sinned, and if you know it, your sorry for it, and if you sinned, then your fate is death....unless, you accept God's free gift that is brought by that sweet Babe in the manger....the gift of eternal life! The greatest gift ever given, and still available to you today!

Won't you recieve it today?

"For God soooooo loved the world (that's you), that He gave, his only son. So that, whoever believes in Him, should not die, but have eternal life!!!"
The Bible,Gospel of John, chapter 3, verse 16

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Ginger said...

Merry Christmas, Amy.