Friday, June 18, 2010

fun linkage

Isn't this a great idea? I think I will try this one. I was thinking, we could make some of the kids friends, and even historical figures. Wouldn't Abe Lincoln look great with veggies for a beard?

I thought this was fun.

If you love paper crafting, you will love this video, so fun, reminds me of those flip books we made when we were kids. Or, I made as a kid. You made them too right?? Am I the only one??

Do you agree with this below? Tell me in the comments if so, if not tell me why.

How about this coffee table, fun and functional!

And how cool would it be to use this to make a quilt of absolutely anything your heart desires, a flower, a wedding photo, a significant landscape or your childhood home? The possibilities are endless!


Jess @ Frugal with a Flourish said...

Great links! Thanks for stopping by!

Anonymous said...

Yes, i agree that God is and can do what ever He wants. Does that make it easy for us to understand what He is doin? NO. Love your enemies, a hard thing, but it IS What Jesus says to do, period. I also understand and agree that i deserve nothing but ?*!&. ONLY by His amazing Grace is there hope for me :-). Does this mean we don't go to war?????? I LOVE this country and my passion is stirred when evil is done to our Land or our people, does that make what i would like to do right???? I am workin all this out (and sometimes, not so much) with fear and trembling. <3tammy

Danielle said...

Lots of interesting links! Loved the plates! Young me now me could be addicting to go through! Can you imagine cutting all those paper pictures!!??!?! I think the Bible actually says God was merciful to destroy the earth by flood. Better that those people died then live the way they were...of course God wanted to save them all. I'd be very afraid of that coffee table! And the quilt... could be fun but I don't need any more things on my to do list:0)

Thanks for sharing!